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Sail with us and meet the magic and beauties of our country, our beautiful Istria. To have a full experience of Istria it is necessary to sail, not only to be able to see the most beautiful parts from the shore, but also for you to feel the local people and sea bound.

Boat Trips


09:30 - 16:15

The outset is from Poreč port at 09:30 AM. Slowly we sail towards the south of Istria. You will be able to see Blue and Green lagoon, a small place called Fontana, Vrsar and its islands and enterence to the Lim canal. After an hour and 20 minutes of navigation you will arrive to the most attractive Istrian town- Rovinj. In Rovinj we dock near the old town, where we stay for 2 hours, so you could be able to view that gorgeous, romantic town and its sights. After a pause in Rovinj our trip continues towards the Lim canal, we sail until the half of the canal where the famous Pirate cave is placed. In front of the cave we are going to have a panoramic ride, rotate and continue the sail further towards Vrsar. In Vrsar we are stayin for an hour and a half, where you can swim at a nearby beach or view the small town. After recess in Vrsar we are going back towards Porec. The trip finishes at about 04:15 PM


18:00 - 20:00

Dear Guests, come with us in evening to the most romantic boat excursion... sunset with dolphins. There are dolphins in all the seas and oceans, as well in our Adriatic sea. Here, in the northern Adriatic, we meet them in th waters between Poreč and Rovinj most of the time at the entrance to Lim Fjord. Lim Fjord is rich with fish thanks to the fish farming (gilt-head and seabass) and dolphins come to feed themselves early mornings and evenings because then is very quiet, there is less traffic at sea. You will enjoy in evening panorana wiew, will see our beautiful coast, Plava Laguna, Zelena Laguna, Funtana, Vrsar, our islands... Our captain Bruno who spent his entire life at sea anh has a lot of experience will do all possible to find the dolphins. Very seldom comes back to harbour without having seen them. If you wish to sail with us out, the excursion takes place every day (by the nice weather) from the Poreč harbour fom 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. You should just anounce yourself by telephone, e-mail or personally in the habour by the ship VICTORIA. If your accomodation is remote and you do not have a transportation, we shall organize the transfer for you. One welcome drink is in price included.

The Ship

Vrša was Adriatic sea's traditional fishery wooden boat, built in 1956 in Betina on an island called Murter by the hands of famous Croatian shipbuilding artificers. With much effort, we rearranged the fishery boat into comfortamble sightseeing boat.

  • - lenght: 20 meters
  • - width: 5 meters
  • - capacity: 81 passangers
  • - 2 toilets
  • - covered deck with 81 seats and sun deck with 20 seats
  • - guide in Croatian, Italian, German and English language is on board every day


Rovinj is also a town of rich touristic tradition. Fish picnic and a one-day trip by boat are the best ways to ensure yourself in the beauties of this picturesque, istrian town. The panorama of the town is inconceivable without a tall church tower of Saint Eufemia, with a holy statue on top which as if watching over the town roofs, barely mingling with clouds and stars. The coast around the town i also indented so that the Rovinj arcipelago constitutes 22 islands and small islands of which Saint Andrija and Saint Katarina are the largest. The climate of the town of Rovinj is Mediterranean. The town is overgrown with dense mediterran vegetation. Rovinj. Besides being commended with pine woods and beautiful beaches, that old fishermen settlement can also commend with rich historic heritage of cultures which were growing on its areas.


Vrsar is a fishing and a touristic settlement on the west coast of Istra and truly the best way to know it is by sailing with a trip boat “Vrša”, in a comfortable atmosphere of fish picnic. Vrsar is situated on the hill by the sea, where in its arcipelago 18 small islands resides. From Ursarija, the way old Romans used to call Vrsar, alongside the coast the remains of bungalow and mosaic remained conserved, and also from the XIII century town gate and other cultural-historic monuments remained conserved. Besides the sun, sea, beautiful beaches and hidden shady bays, a contests in parachutism and parachute flights are also offered to the visitors. Also for the fans of hunting, fishing grounds enriched with pheasants and partridges are available in the outskirts.


A town called Poreč can commend itself with rich history, testified by many material and spiritual monuments. The influence of great cultures can be seen in a walk through town itself. Alleys and squares of an old town core are paved with stone plates, and an archeological foundings confirm that the area of the town of Poreč was inhabited even in Prehistoric Period. During the time of Roman Empire tsar Augustin pronounced it a town and annexed it to roman colony Colonia Iulia Parentium. In the 3rd century the town had organized Christian community, and in the 5th century the three-nave Eufazije’s basilica was built- the most beautiful monument of early Byzantine art on Mediterran. A trip boat “Vrša” will take you on a ride between the delta of river Mirna on the north and Lim canal on the south where the town is situated. The coast around the town is indented with plenty of small islands and peninsulas adorned by a houndered year old, thick pine woods and beautiful beaches protected from the sea by an island of Saint Nikola. The climate is very mild and Poreč is also a town with over 3850 sun dial per year. Poreč is a town of rich touristic tradition conserved even untill nowdays.


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